Three Style Ideas To Stop You From Falling For Fast Home Fashions

Like fast fashion, decor trends often come and go with the seasons. While some styles of recent years have stood the test of time, others are already out of favor, including black walls and mermaid scale wallpapers to name a few. 

Sadly, much like with fast fashion, jumping on-board with home styles that don’t stick around could soon see you out of pocket, and still failing to hit the interior design notes that you’re aiming for. 

This can be incredibly frustrating, as well as forever keeping you one step removed from the house you desire and deserve. But, it doesn’t need to be that way. With a little forethought, you can make sure that the styles you implement are timeless for a house you can be happy in far longer.

Simply keep reading to find out what exactly goes into a look that lasts.

1. Retain classic features

Even with cutting edge design trends like industrial, brick walls and natural features are still central. And, that stands to be the case no matter what interior trends do over the coming years. After all, classic features are the very heart of any building, and they’ve lasted this long for good reason. As such, you should always approach style with preservation in mind. Sprucing up your iconic brick fireplace or turning to a window replacement company that can help you save those huge classic windows really could be all it takes. Even better, you needn’t worry about design vision here, because the blueprints are already in place!

2. Avoid bold statements

f the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that bold statements don’t stick around for long. Worse, once you implement these, they have a habit of sucking the life out of your efforts elsewhere. For example, last year trends mainly revolved around black walls, while this season is all about warm colors. And, you can bet that the next interior trends will be different again. So, do yourself a favor. Avoid statement walls and rash color choices that are based on whatever’s in-style. Instead, stick with the neutral colors that seem to stay trendy at all times. 

3. Utilize accessories

Above all, accessories are your keys to success here. After all, these are home additions that can keep you in style without requiring entire rehauls of your decor focus. Even if you’ve never utilized accessories much before, then, think about ornaments, pictures, and soft furnishings that are affordable, trendy, and more importantly, easily replaceable. When buying, you’re best off focusing on colors rather than specific trends, meaning that even your decor should last a little longer. Even if you do find yourself restocking each time the styles change, at least you only have to pop out of the shop and rearrange a few ornaments this way!

So, you see, achieving lasting power in your decor isn’t difficult. With that in mind, there’s really no excuse to fall for fast home fashions any longer.

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