Home Improvements for Maximum Security – For New Homeowners

  •  A comprehensive security system, including cameras and smart locks, is fundamental for home safety.
  • Doors, windows, and garage doors should be fortified with deadbolts, locks, and modern security features.
  • Proper outdoor and indoor lighting deters intruders and gives the illusion of occupancy when away.
  • Smart landscaping, such as trimming trees, installing fences, planting thorny plants, and regular maintenance, enhances home security.

As a new homeowner, you’re excited to move into your new house, decorate it, and make it a home for yourself and your family. However, you should also prioritize the safety and security of your home.

When you first move in, you may find that there are some home improvements you need to make. This blog will share essential tips on making your new home more secure and keeping your loved ones safe.

Install a Security System.

One of the most important things you can do to secure your home is to install a security system. You might be able to find a basic system that provides monitoring for a monthly fee, or you can go all out and get a system with all the bells and whistles.

Some popular options include cameras, motion detectors, and even smart locks that can be controlled from your phone. You can also opt for a system that automatically notifies the police if something is amiss.

Secure Your Doors and Windows.

Your home’s doors and windows are the most vulnerable entry points for burglars. Ensure your doors have deadbolts installed and all your windows have working locks. Remember that sliding glass doors are especially susceptible to invasion, so consider installing a security bar to prevent them from being easily opened from the outside.

And don’t neglect your garage door! Make sure to check the tracks and hinges periodically to make sure everything is in working order. And if your garage door is old and worn out, consider investing in a new one with modern security features to ensure your home’s safety. Just make sure you employ the help of a professional garage door installer to ensure a proper installation. They can also advise what type of door is best for your home.

Improve Lighting.


A well-lit home is a deterrent to intruders. Invest in outdoor lighting to illuminate walkways and entry points. Consider motion-activated lights that will turn on if someone approaches your property.

Inside your home, it’s a good idea to install lighting on timers so that it appears someone is home even when you’re away. You can also install dimmable lights that will make your house feel cozy and inviting while still providing enough illumination to deter intruders.

Landscape Smartly.

Finally, it’s essential to consider your home’s landscaping when thinking about security. Your home’s landscaping can significantly enhance or detract from its security. Here are four things you can do to make sure your landscaping is helping to protect your home:

Trim back trees and shrubs.

Trimming back any trees and shrubs that are close to your windows or doors can help keep intruders from having a place to hide. You should also trim back any trees and shrubs that are blocking the view of your windows or doors to make it easier for neighbors to spot suspicious activity.

Install fencing.


Installing a fence around your property can be a great way to deter intruders. Make sure you opt for a fence with wide gaps between slats or pickets so that an intruder won’t be able to easily climb over it.

Plant thorny plants.

If you don’t want to install a fence, consider planting some thorny vines or shrubs around your property that will make it difficult for intruders to get close to your home. You can also use this as an opportunity to add some beautiful greenery to your home’s exterior.

Keep everything well-maintained.

Finally, it’s important to keep up with regular maintenance of the landscaping around your home. Make sure you’re mowing the lawn, trimming shrubs and trees, and keeping weeds at bay. This will help ensure that your home remains safe and secure.

By landscaping smartly, you can help make your home look inviting while also helping to deter crime.

Securing your new home goes beyond the initial thrill of decorating and making it comfortable. It involves taking necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of your home. From installing a comprehensive security system, fortifying doors and windows, investing in proper lighting, and shaping your landscape, every detail plays a pivotal role in fortifying your home against any possible threats.

Remember, a secure home is a sanctuary for your family and a deterrent to intruders. By implementing these strategies, you can sleep soundly, knowing you’re doing everything possible to protect your loved ones and your investment.

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