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Restoring Unloved Luxury Features In Your Home

Luxury features in a home are something to take pride in. Unfortunately, many of us let these features sink into disrepair by not providing the regular maintenance that is needed. So long as you don’t leave it too late to take action, you can usually revive these features. Below are just a few common luxury features that can end up going unloved and what you can do to restore them.

Putrid pools

A neglected pool can become dirty and dilapidated very quickly. Restoring your pool could stop it from becoming an eyesore in your backyard. 

You’ll need to start by draining all the water and getting all the gunk out. Once your pool is empty and cleaned, consider whether the pool surface needs refinishing. This could be a chance to completely restyle the look of your pool. You should also consider restoring the pool deck if this too is worn and discolored – there are companies that specialise in refinishing pool decks.

It could be worth making some upgrades to your pool to make it easier to maintain. This could include a new pump and a modern filtration system. There are automated pool cleaning filters that you can buy nowadays that can help to maintain your pool’s PH levels. You could even invest in a robot pool cleaner.

Worn windows

Certain windows in your home may have once been a luxury feature. This includes historic timber windows or large skylights. If not cleaned and appropriately maintained, such windows could become grubby and damaged. However, there may still be time to restore them without having to replace them.

Consider starting by hiring a professional window cleaning company to get rid of any stains from the glass and mold from the frames. You may be able to clean some windows yourself, however, for those hard-to-reach windows, it’s always safer to hire a professional.

When it comes to window damage, most modern windows may need to be completely replaced, however old timber windows can usually be fixed without having to replace them. It could be a case of sanding them down, repainting them, or adding some glue here and there. You can find guides online on how to restore old windows or you could hire a specialist to restore them for you. 

Broken basements

Not all homeowners are lucky enough to have a basement – this is a space that you shouldn’t allow to go into disrepair. Basements can suffer from all kinds of issues including cracks and flooding, which could affect the entire home. It’s worth investing money into fixing up a dilapidated basement so that you can make this space usable and protect the rest of your home from damage. 

Start by tackling any pest problems, fixing up cracks, and repairing any water damage. A restoration company that specializes in basements may be worth hiring for the job if your cellar is particularly damaged. You can then look into completely repurposing this space to make it more usable such as adding lighting, sockets, and carpet. You could even transform it into a bathroom.

Crumbling countertops

Luxury stone countertops that aren’t maintained can become scratched and stained. This could make your kitchen look old and tired.

Fortunately, it’s possible to return the gleam to many stone countertops by repolishing them. You can do this yourself or hire a company to refinish them for you. Countertops may not always be possible to restore, but in many cases, they can be. 

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