Should You Relocate Your Bathroom?

Some homeowners are under the impression they should avoid moving their bathroom to another room in their home. After all, there are all kinds of plumbing and electrical wiring to comprehend, and it’s probably a nightmare for a DIYer to sort out alone.

The truth is, any competent plumbing and electrical professionals can help you achieve that goal. Still, the question you might ask yourself is, why should you relocate your bathroom? Well, it turns out there’s a heap of benefits to doing that. Take a look at these examples:

Extra Space

Perhaps the most significant selling point for relocating your bathroom is that you want to have more room. For some reason, housebuilders in the past would install bathrooms in one of the smallest rooms in a home.

As you can imagine, that’s not the best idea if you don’t enjoy playing real-life Tetris with your bathroom accessories to make the best use of the space available! If you’ve got a large bedroom that isn’t occupied, you should consider moving your bathroom into that room.

You can then convert your existing bathroom into a usable bedroom or home office, for example.

Extra Privacy

The trouble with some house designs is bathrooms get placed in rooms where your neighbors could easily see what you’re doing. Let’s face it: the last thing you want to do is have a shower with your window slightly open while the local Peeping Tom stares at you.

If you want to shower in peace without worrying about your neighbors watching what you do, it makes sense to relocate your bathroom to another more private room in your home. That might be a room at the opposite end of your house, for instance.

You can enlist plumbers and electricians to help you relocate your existing bathroom items and accessories. Or, you could opt for a completely new bathroom design if you don’t want to transfer an outdated or unwanted bathroom style as part of your renovation.


Everyone’s personal circumstances change at various points in their lives. Some individuals might find they have limited mobility due to the progression of a medical condition, or perhaps as part of the aging process.

If you’re finding that your mobility at home can be challenging at times, you might want to have your bathroom moved to a more accessible room in your home. That might be on the ground floor of your house, for instance.

When you have your bathroom moved for mobility reasons, you may wish to convert the new room into a wetroom in case you need space for a wheelchair or walker.

En-Suite Facilities

Lastly, if you live in a one-bedroom apartment or house, you might find it pointless to have the bathroom separate from your bedroom. It’s not unheard of for people to create an en-suite bathroom in their bedroom and use the former bathroom as a home office room.

Such relocations are easier if the existing bathroom is behind the bedroom wall. In those cases, you can expand into that space and create a smaller, separate spare room.

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