Shower Door Installation Guide: How to DIY Install Shower Doors

If you want to remodel your bathroom, now is a time for you to install a shower door! You might be browsing and roaming on different websites to look for inspiration for a perfect shower door and, perhaps, you got the right one. However, what’s more important? If you have to install it by yourself, it might be tricky.

As we all know shower doors are something we have to handle with care. So, we are here to provide a detailed guideline on “how to DIY install shower doors”. Now, is the perfect time for you to install your shower doors by yourself, without any trouble?

With the help of having a proper guide and correct tools, installing shower doors is very easy. These shower doors are, mainly, made with a laminated glass sheet or a laminated tempered glass sheet. These sheets are bridged together with the help of a vinyl sheet. They are durable, compatible with hot and cold weather, and will provide you enough safety to enjoy your shower.

Glass shower doors vs. Shower curtains

You might be thinking, why go for a shower door when you can get a shower curtain? The answer is that shower curtains are not reliable and certainly not durable. These curtains also don’t adjust to the water temperature.


On the other hand, a glass shower door will keep the warmth of hot water confined. This way, they are safer and more reliable. The shower curtains don’t give a beautiful look to your bathroom, so, we recommend replacing them with a glass shower door!

Why is a shower door preferred?

It will not only make your bathroom look chic but also section the area for your bathroom. This way your bathroom would have more magnitude and it would look spacious! With these shower doors, you will feel in your own bubble and would be able to enjoy the lavishness of a bath.


However, it has changed now because people want to make sure that the bathroom looks as good as their whole house. So, sticking on a budget and doing a makeover of your bathroom is not difficult. You can frame these shower doors or not, the option is entirely up to you. You can complete your bathroom chic look with these perfect yet contemporary shower doors.

If you want a solution for your old, worn-out, dingy shower curtains, it is time you get used to the beautiful yet gorgeous shower doors in your bathroom! Because they come with numerous benefits!

  • An illusion of larger space  – Shower doors create the illusion of having great space in your bathroom. Because glass forms a perfect reflection that adds beauty to your bathroom and gives it more magnitude.
  • Give a sparkling clean look – Unlike, shower curtains, shower doors look modern, are easy to clean, and add beauty to your washroom. Despite the space or structure of the washroom, they will make it look tidy and clean. Looks like a smart option and a neat one!
  • Shower doors make your bathroom brighter and deluxe – It is true, shower doors make your bathroom brighter because of the glass reflection, and they add light into your dark washrooms.

Tools you need:

  • Stainless steel screws
  • Anchors
  • Level – 4-foot
  • 30-foot tape measure
  • Caulk Gun
  • Screwdriver set
  • Drill/driver
  • Hacksaw
  • Utility knife
  • Wet/dry vacuum
  • Pencil

How to install a traditional shower door? 

Installing a shower door is not as complex as installing a ceiling fan, or installing an AC. It is quite simple and also fun when you DIY it. The only necessity is that you go through a complete review of how to install a shower door.


It can be done alone, but it is preferred that you grab a helping hand because glass doors are usually breakable. So, make sure you grab all the crucial cautions to install a traditional shower door. Well, follow these easy steps to install your shower door without any mess.

  • Measure the shower area precisely – Make sure that you have measured the shower area accurately. It’s the foremost thing to measure the shower area because you have to cut and set the base track accordingly.
  • Cut the base track and adjust accordingly – Now cut the base track according to the measurements with the help of a hacksaw and set it in the center. Make sure to mark each end with a pencil, so that it would be more convenient, throughout the whole procedure.
  • Drill holes and place glass door – Drill holes where necessary and keep an eye on aligning the holes, then place or hang the door carefully. It’s better to take someone’s help while hanging the door.
  • Attach remaining side jambs or rails – Once you’re done with hanging the door, make sure to install other jambs to do the job quickly. Mark and align the jamb with the pencil line and mark the areas of screw holes.
  • Place the header carefully – Your job is almost done, close the shower door and place the header then screw the frames together.
  • Apply Silicone caulk on edges – Apply some silicone caulk with the help of a caulk gun in order to make your newly installed shower doors absolutely waterproof.

Once the job is done, you are all set to use your shower with a new look! You can also add a frame if you want to add more beauty to it.

Is there any difference between installing a sliding shower door and a normal one?

Shower doors are not so difficult to install, either it’s a normal door or sliding one, you can easily install shower doors when you have proper guidelines. As you’re installing it by yourself, you must know the difference. Installing a sliding shower door may be a bit different, as you have to add Rollers at the end for its smooth movement.


The basic and starting procedure is the same as for installing a normal shower door, you have to measure it, cut the base track, adjust it and fix it by making holes and screwing them together. All you need to do at the end is to put rollers for a sliding shower door.

Do you need to install a frameless shower door?

A frameless shower door is usually light in weight and more difficult to install. Because the hinges and the holes on the shower door and on the wall should be leveled precisely. Otherwise, you might break the glass door. Installing these doors requires some level of expertise or at least some guide.

If you need to install a frameless shower door, we have a solution for that, too. Fab Glass and Mirror provide easy to follow steps to install a DIY frameless shower door with the help of basic tools, so that you can easily install your shower doors.

If you fail to install them right, water may leak! 

Although, installing a shower door is not so difficult but requires a degree of expertise to do it correctly. And, if you fail to install it properly there may be some water leaks, or the hinges might become saggy, or the door becomes prone to breakage, etc. So, it is important that if you hope to install a shower door, you perform the project precisely and give it your complete attention.

Wrapping up!

Shower doors are a beautiful addition if you’re thinking of remodeling your bathroom. They are easy to install and take your bathroom to the next level. They are more durable and safer than shower curtains. In order to install a shower door accurately, follow these steps, and make your shower area more compatible with modern bathrooms in a budget-friendly manner.


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