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Home Improvements: The Ultimate Guide to Wood Flooring

Home renovations and redesign have created quite the buzz over the past year. The sudden outbreak of the global pandemic necessarily forced almost everybody in the UK to spend most, if not all, of their time indoors. Understandably, this also gave them a better understanding of all the things they needed to change in their own homes.

This home improvement craze is more than likely to persist even as the national vaccination rollout program continues and the post-pandemic era comes into full view. If you’re still looking for inspirations to elevate your household, you need not look further than your own floors. However, this is also a fairly massive project to undertake because they literally cover the entire home.

Set the Stage

When it comes to floors, wood flooring options are by far the most popular throughout the UK. This can be attributed to various facts like a wide choice of patterns, ease of maintenance, and the timeless quality that it presents in any home. It will definitely prove to improve the elegance of your interiors, which can also have a huge effect on how you interact with your home.

However, there are also certain things to take note of if you’re planning to install wood flooring throughout your home. From the types of wood flooring to how it should be taken care of, it can become quite overwhelming without the proper guidance. Here’s a general guide to help you address all of these things, helping you to choose and maintain the perfect wood floors for your interior design.

The Right Type

Just as there are countless options for flooring, there are also different types of wood flooring that you can consider. This will largely depend on your price range, preference, and the areas where you plan to install these floors throughout your household.

A Solid Piece

Solid wood boards are perhaps the best type of wood flooring you could install in the interiors of your home. However, these can also be the priciest of all the wood floors with the cheapest options starting at £15 and going up to £82 per square meter. Solid wood floors are best in hallways and living areas, so you can show it off all the time. Avoid installing these in damp areas though, because they can shrink and dry.

Freedom in Design

Parquet flooring is also another popular option for UK homeowners since these consist of short wooden blocks which can be arranged into a very specific pattern. Prices for this type of wood flooring usually start at £25 per square meter. Just like solid wood, parquet floors are suitable for any area in your interior so long as it’s not damp to avoid any extensive damage.

Putting into Place

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After you’ve chosen the perfect type of wood flooring for your home, you’ll also have to consider how you want them to be installed. There are two primary installation solutions for wood flooring namely, tongue-and-groove and click-lock. Each comes with its own share of advantages and disadvantages.

Comprehensive Approach

Between the two, the tongue-and-groove option can be more complicated but the result can be properly luxurious if done correctly. Simply getting an angle wrong when you’re fitting a plank can dislodge all the others that have already been joined, which is why precision is key. This type of installation will also require the use of an adhesive to guarantee that each floor is tightly linked, making it more durable.

Quick and Easy

Click-lock planks, on the other hand, are relatively easier and quicker to install. These will usually be cut by machines to create tight-fitting connections and reduce the chances of the formation of gaps once they’ve been installed. Unlike the tongue-and-groove, click-lock installation doesn’t need any form of adhesive allowing them to be unfastened if necessary.

Matching Creativity

Along with the installation, choosing the appropriate finishing and pattern for your is also an essential step in wood flooring. There are plenty of trends to consider, but this will generally fall as a matter of preferences. Consider taking home some samples of your chosen designs and see how they will fit in your home. Notice how it reacts to the light conditions and if it pairs well with your other interior decor.

Some of the most common types of finishing include oiled and distressed, depending on your home’s aesthetic. As for patterns, herringbone and chevron are among the best arrangements at the moment. Patterns will also usually be reserved for parquet flooring instead of solid wood options.

Keep It Clean

Just like any flooring option, wood floors are also susceptible to certain types of mishaps and damage over time. For instance, “tenting” is a frequent issue that occurs when moisture seeps into the wood boards causing them to swell. This can’t easily be remedied, and you will have to replace those boards with a new set if it happens.

This is why maintaining wood floors can also prove to be a demanding task. As much as possible, clean your wood flooring regularly. Prevent any dirt from building up by protecting it with a layer of covering, especially in rooms that observe a lot of traffic. Always clean up spills immediately to prevent the wood from distortion.

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