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Home Decor: Basic Flooring Upgrades

Floors are surfaces that are often used and abused in every household. It carries a lot of weight, is prone to scratches, susceptible to heat and moisture, and exposed to damaging chemical leaks and spills.

Therefore, giving your flooring some TLC is a good way to maintain it properly and lessen the effects of wear and tear. If you want to improve the appearance of your floors, here are a few simple ways to do so.

Add a vinyl layer

Get a vinyl floor cloth and set it on a floor that needs improvement. It’s easy to apply. All you have to do is cut, spread, and attach it. Plus, there’s a wide variety of designs, colors, and types to choose from so whatever your personal aesthetic is, you’ll surely find one that suits your taste. Most importantly, there’s one for every budget. There’s no need to splurge just to get your desired look.


Apply a protective coating

Applying a protective coating on your floor can make it more durable, sturdy, and smooth. You can also fill in cracks and divots effectively to enhance its appearance. You may even have it resurfaced, but if you want to keep the project minimal, a coating will do.

Choose from the several types of coating depending on the requirements of your flooring. For example, epoxy works best for filling cracks and it bonds well with concrete. Urethane coating, on the other hand, is more UV stable and resistant to extreme heat and chemicals. However, it doesn’t bond easily to concrete so if you have a concrete floor, you’ll need to use adhesives. As for polyurethane, it’s ideal for adding shine and gloss on wooden floors.

Use a bit of stain

Using concrete stain and painter’s tape to avoid staining your walls can help achieve an appearance similar to concrete. Simply make sure to keep the portion varied, and apply a bit more on particular areas as two identical tiles will make your floor look fake. Remember to select a good product that provides a long-lasting and visually appealing finish.

Throw on some textile

stack of rolled carpetsJust as how you can decorate your walls with works of art, you can do the same with your floors by investing in luxurious rugs or carpets with intricate and unusual patterns. Explore different designs and materials to make sure the one you’ll buy will match the vibe you’re going for.

Fabric goes a long way in beautifying even the drabbest spaces and by using it as a floor decor, you can accomplish a classy and posh vibe without having to do some renovation.

Paint it like a pro

If you have a vinyl floor that has been damaged, you can recreate the designs using paint. If you don’t like the color or patterns, to begin with, simply paint over it and your floor will be as good as new.

Floors are essential parts of any architectural structure. There are many ways to improve its look, however, the most critical step in its maintenance is keeping it clean and free from dirt and dust.

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