What You Should Never Ignore When Hiring Epoxy Flooring Contractors

Epoxy floors are an excellent choice for luxury floor upgrades. You still can use these floors on your new construction projects. They are easy to clean, require the least maintenance and will always maintain their glossy look.

It is worth noting that the embedded materials and designs into epoxy floors do not lose their color shape or size. That means that your floors will have the same quality throughout its service life. Epoxy floors are also relatively scratch resistant and can tolerate high humidity and temperature swings.

They also are mold-, mildew- and fungi-resistant. Therefore, they are an excellent flooring option for both commercial and residential properties in New York and beyond.

Ideally, there is a lot of praise for epoxy flooring, but how well the epoxy flooring will hold will depend on the flooring contractor that you will hire for the project. You will want to consider that they have or offer the following:

Trained human resource

It takes a well-trained team of flooring experts to help you determine which elements and designs to engrave in your epoxy flooring project. They also will help you evaluate other epoxy flooring options for the match your house design.

It is equally essential that you determine how much it will cost to install your epoxy floor. From that, you can pinpoint the various elements to add or remove to improve your epoxy floors and still be within your budget. Your flooring contractor should have years of industry experience to give you accurate details about that.

Commitment to quality

Man applying expoy

There are many flooring companies that you can hire for your epoxy flooring project. And, yes, experience matters here. But also, there are new-entrant flooring companies that have sample site works from which you can tell the quality of their services.

Therefore, irrespective of the years of experience that the flooring company has, always confirm that they use quality epoxy products and that are safe for both indoor and outdoor spaces. If they handle all their projects by themselves, that will be a plus to avoid back-and-forth correspondence between you and subcontracted flooring companies.

Warranty for their services

Epoxy projects are time-sensitive to properly cure before you use them. Therefore, if the flooring company that you are working with will guarantee that, you are in safe hands. It is best that they also guarantee the quality and price of the epoxy floor that they will install.

Avoid flooring companies that are notorious for having hidden fees. The best flooring contractors in New York are those that offer specific flooring solutions. Do not fall for the trap of using a contractor that promises to handle any and every floor type that you want.

Besides, it takes much time and labor to have a correctly installed floor. And, epoxy floors are not any easier to install. There are certain ratios to take and considering the recommended curing times before a second application.

Epoxy flooring also requires specialized training for proper mixing, installing and maintaining. Therefore, if you want an epoxy floor that will last you long, hire a professional for the job. Skip it in your list of DIY projects.

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