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Having your own interiors blog is a fun way to showcase your home, your style, and your ideas. Home and interior blogs are very popular. They provide useful home content and inspiration, and they can be full of some great tips too.

But with so many interior blogs out there, how do you make yours stand out? Help your content get seen with the help of the following tips.

Get the basics right

To help make your interior blog stand out, you need to start by getting the basics right. From making sure you have an attractive layout, to make sure you use high-quality photos, your blog needs to look the part to pique people’s interest. A clean, neutral design works best for interior blogs, helping to keep the focus on the posts and imagery.

If you want more people to find your blog, you should look at improving your SEO. This can help your posts rank higher in search engine rankings, meaning people can stumble across your content much easier when looking for quality interiors content.

Make your photography pop

Photography is a very important part of interior blog content. People look to images to see styles come together, for product recommendations, and so much more. The right photography can also help DIYs and tutorials be more useful for readers.

Learning some basic photo editing tips can help you improve the quality of your Instagram photos. They can help you change the lighting and make images sharper, something that can really make a difference to your photos. Having your own filters can also help create a unique look and feel for your blog and keep your style consistent. 

Try experimenting with different types of photos. Wide shots are great to showcase a room while learning how to blur background details when highlighting a particular feature can also help you create some stylish photos. You don’t even need a fancy camera to take quality photos – aim for good lighting with your smartphone and put some editing apps to good use.

Mix up your content

Posting different types of content keep your blog interesting. There are a lot of great ideas for interiors content you can use that you can work with using your own ideas and style, including:

  • Room transformations
  • DIY tutorials
  • Product selections
  • Style guides and tips
  • Practical homeowner tips
  • Inspiration boards
  • In-depth looks at specific rooms in your home

Think about the types of content you enjoy and find useful – you can recreate this type of content for your own blog.

Promote your posts on social media

To drive more traffic to your blog, you need to promote it, and your social media is a great place to do this. Interiors content is particularly popular on Instagram and Pinterest, while TikTok is fast becoming a useful platform for interior tips. Keep your accounts active and share your posts regularly for a simple way to bring new readers to your blog.

Your interiors blog is your personal space to showcase your passion for all things home. By focusing on creating quality content that will interest your readers, you can help make your interiors blog stand out from the rest.

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